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This Can't Be Possible

Creatures like this don't really exist, but here they are moving around in your world. There has to be some kind of explanation for all of this.

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The night was silent as you walked through the crisp night air of the park. It seemed a night like most others, but the night was silent… too silent for the park. Suddenly from the brush alongside the path it lunged. Like nothing you had ever seen, it stood at least 8 ft tall like a massive bear, but this wasn’t a bear, your mind could have accepted it had it been just a bear, but it was something else. Covered in dark scales with massive talons it eyes glowed an unearthly red that held you immobile as it bore down on you. “This is the end” your mind cried as the beast opened its razor toothed mouth, emitting a roar that pierced the darkness and your soul. As you crouched to the ground expecting the end an explosive light penetrated the darkness further down the trail. Suddenly a ball of purple fire collided with the side of the beast, exploding into a thousand sparks of light and hurling the beast over you, leaving it motionless on the side of the trail. You shamble to your feet squinting into the darkness towards the direction the light had emerged.

Through the darkness you saw a figure. A tall man approaching you from the darkness. He was tall, with long hair and beard. He looked old, but somehow more full of life than any man of his age should have a right to be. His robe flowed around his shoulders and down his arm to his outstretched hand. You grasped on to the leathery hand that he extended towards you, and he pulled you to your feet effortlessly. “My name is Elverson, and I need your help”.

The stranger goes on to explain that he is a professor at a school of magic in another world quite similar to your own. In his world special people have always been able to use magic, for as long as anyone can remember. According to Elverson humans from all worlds can do magic, in our world, we may call it manifesting and it takes a great amount of focus and faith in one’s abilities.

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In our world it seems, humans lost this faith, or it was hidden from us. Replaced with science, we forgot about magic completely, forgot about our own powers and put our faith in science. The distance between our two worlds began to drift farther and farther apart after that. Until now. A dark magic has arisen. From our world or his, he was unsure, but he was certain that this could be the destruction of both. The dark magic is bringing our world and his closer and closer. He fears the intent of this is to combine the two worlds, which would lead to the destruction of both.

He has been entering your world recently to set up schools to teach people from your world how to once again harness the magic that is inherent in them and recruit them to fight the darkness and save both worlds. He sensed the strength in you and had come to recruit you to become a student of magic. Just in time it seemed, as the monster had sensed the magic in you as well. Your mind still in shock had a hard time believing what was happening, but he assured you that this was all very real and you would need to start your training as soon as possible. He had little time to explain more, so he left you with a book to study and an invitation to start your training along with a map and a key. He had no time to explain anything beyond that and vanished back into the night as quickly as he had appeared. You stood there in shock for a moment, then began to walk home the way you had come, trying to process what happened. You opened the door to your home and made you way to bed, exhausted. 

You awoke the next day certain that you had just had the most crazy and confusing dream you had dreamt in a long time. As you stretched across the covers of your bed your hand knocked some papers and objects off of the nightstand onto the floor. Looking down, you couldn’t believe your eyes. On your floor sat a map, a letter, and a key. You picked them up and examined them closely. The key was made of a strange, shimmering metal that seemed to glow in the dim morning light of your room. The invitation was written in elegant script, inviting you to attend a mysterious school of magic. The map was intricately detailed, showing the path to a location in the park. Curious, you decided to follow the map. You left your house and made your way to the park. As you walked, the key in your pocket began to grow warm, and the closer you got to the center of the park, the warmer it became. Finally, you reached the spot indicated on the map, and the key began to glow brightly. You looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary, but as you took a step in a certain direction, a magic portal suddenly appeared in front of you. Hesitant, you stepped through the portal and found yourself in an ancient courtyard.

The courtyard was filled with magical creatures that until now, to you, had only existed in fantasy books and movies. There were other people there, some were practicing spells, while others were studying ancient tomes. The architecture was grand and ancient, with tall spires and intricate carvings. As you looked around in wonder, a woman in a flowing dress approached you and welcomed you. She explained that this was a school of magic, where students from all over your area came to learn the ancient art of magic that had been forgotten in your world but mastered in the other. She told you that you had been chosen to attend the school, and that you had the potential to become a powerful mage.

This is where your journey begins. It’s up to you where it ends.

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